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National Development Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. (NDC) is one of the premier consulting engineering organizations which has attained national / international acclaim and is ranked among overall top 5 consulting firms of Pakistan. NDC has been providing engineering consultancy services since last 45+ years to its various clients including but not limited to national and provincial governments.

NDC is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company having professional, technical and administrative manpower of more than 450+ employees. It works both independently and in collaboration with other consulting houses in Pakistan and abroad through JVs and consortia. Over the past several years extent of firm’s services has greatly widened.

Since its inception in 1977, NDC has accumulated more than 250 projects on its roster with aggregate capital value of the projects undertaken over 55 billion USD. Besides its operation in all areas of Pakistan, NDC has completed international assignments in Sudan, Maldives, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

NDC is a legal entity (PEC Registered) and also registered with several multinational funding agencies. NDC’s major clients include national and provincial governments, municipalities, autonomous bodies such as WAPDA, private organizations and international funding agencies such as the USAID, World Bank (WB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), KFW Development Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and Islamic Development Bank (IDB).


Fields of Activities


Dams & Hydropower

NDC, by the grace of Almighty ALLAH, is considered Pakistan’s largest Hydropower Consulting Engineering Company with its engagement (independently or through consortia) in Design & Contract Administration / Supervision of more than 20,000 MW of Hydropower Projects in Pakistan including Detailed Engineering Design (JV with foreign firm) of World’s highest RCC Dams Diamer Basha Dam (272 m high / 4500 MW) and Dasu Dam (242 m high / 4320 MW).

NDC provides consultancy services for various aspects of hydropower projects including:

  • Hydrological and Sedimentation studies, flood routing and reservoir simulation
  • Geological and Geotechnical Investigation, seismic hazard studies, geo-engineering studies, liquefaction of alluvium studies
  • Design of roller compacted concrete, rock fill and concrete gravity dams. Rock slope stability analysis
  • Design of Spillways, appurtenant structures, river diversion, model studies
  • Physical Hydraulic Model Studies of various components of HPP
  • 3 Dimensional Computational/Numerical Modelling of Spillways, Sedimentation Basin, Stilling Basin, Flip Buckets, Tunnel Systems, Surge Shafts and Flood Routing
  • Optimisation of installed capacity
  • Design of tunnels, caverns, underground structures, layout planning
  • Turbines, Generators &Power stations, transmission lines, selection of power plants
  • Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Tunnel Excavation using latest techniques including Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM)
  • Identification of areas for construction materials, construction scheduling
  • Contract packaging, cost estimation, Financial Analysis, Irrigation and Power benefits studies, conjunctive operation of reservoirs
  • Wind Energy Systems
  • Petroleum/ Gas Transmission Systems ♦ Instrumentation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment, resettlement action plans
  • Surveys and Mapping including GIS database development

River Training & Flood Protection

NDC has contributed, over the years, in water resources projects for river training, flood protection & control. NDC possesses extensive experience in flood management and hill torrent studies, design and construction / rehabilitation of flood carrier channels, flood protection structures and river training works. NDC has carried out design & execution of river training and flood protection / control works as component of several projects such as Extension of Pat Feeder Canal, Kachhi Canal, Pakpattan Canal Suleimanki Barrage Improvement Project, Waran Canal Irrigation System / Gomal Zam Multipurpose Dam, Chashma Right Bank Irrigation Project, CRBIP-III, etc.

NDC, through its team of highly skilled experts, have successfully completed River Training and Flood Protection Projects all over Pakistan, over past many years including but not limited to training works of Sehwan barrage (Sindh), Flood Control Measures of Lai Nullah Rawalpindi & Flood Emergency Reconstruction and Resilience Project (Punjab); Flood Protection Works on the left bank of Indus River downstream of Tarbela Dam and Annual Development Programs for construction / rehabilitation of Flood Protection Structures (NWFP/KPK); Flood Protection Works in Hanna-Urak Valley near Quetta and many other hill-torrents studies (Balochistan). NDC also designed and supervised construction of super-passages to carry run-off from Suleiman Range of Mountain across the stage-II of Chashma Right Bank Irrigation Project.

NDC (Pvt.) Ltd offer the following services in the field of river training and flood management:

  • Surveys and Investigations
  • Planning and Feasibility Studies
  • Detailed Engineering Design
  • Technical Specifications, BOQs and Bidding Documents
  • Bid Evaluation and Procurement
  • Rehabilitation / Restoration & Construction Supervision
  • Contract Administration & Management

Public Health Engineering

NDC possesses vast experience in  Public Health Engineering Services covering planning, design and construction supervision of urban and rural water supply and sewerage systems, solid waste management, storm water, drainage, wastewater treatment, fresh water distribution, pollution control.

The water supply schemes in residential colonies and industrial units engineered by NDC involved abstraction of water from aquifers, water purification and treatment work, pumping stations, water carrying pipelines, surge analysis, pipe network analysis, leak detection, gamma-ray inspection, automatic control system till the commissioning of works. The sewage treatment units in the housing schemes and industries planned and designed by NDC (Pvt.) Ltd  included sewer networks, trunk and interceptor sewers, sewage and industrial waste treatment, pumping station, screening, sedimentation, filtration and aeration etc.

In Public Health Engineering Sector, NDC has undertaken various Projects of Water Supply and Sanitation Schemes spreading over Punjab, KPK, Sindh and AJK including USAID’s Municipal Services Programme KPK (MSPKP) to prepare Master Plan including Drinking Water, Sanitation, Storm Water and Solid Waste Management for 66 Union Councils of Peshawar District.

NDC provides consultancy services for various aspects of Public Health Engineering projects including:

Planning, Surveys and Investigations for Municipal and Commercial Water Supply, Sewerage Management, Sanitation and Drainage, Solid Waste Management and Water and Wastewater Treatment and Disposal

  • Master Planning for Improvement of Public Health Infrastructure to meet future needs
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies
  • GIS Mapping of Water Supply, Sanitation and Solid Waste Management
  • Construction scheduling
  • Detailed Engineering Design of Public Health Engineering Services / Infrastructures
  • Design validation / Analysis through computer software / applications
  • Tender Documents, Specifications & Cost Estimation
  • Construction Management / Supervision
  • Contract Management and Administration

Agriculture & On-Farm Management

Agriculture Division of NDC comprises highly qualified and experienced experts for providing full spectrum of expertise required for conducting studies and formulating agriculture development plans regarding irrigation and agriculture projects. Besides, special studies on agriculture, livestock development and agriculture supporting services are also conducted by this Division. NDC has, over the years, successfully planned, designed and supervised Agriculture Sector major projects financed by international donor agencies like ADB and IBRD including but not limited to Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project, On-Farm Water Management Project (Punjab & Balochistan), SCARP Projects,  Command Area of Chashma Right Bank Irrigation Projects etc.

NDC provide expertise to its clients for “On-Farm Water Management” (OFWM) and "High Efficiency Irrigation System" (HEIS) for improved water productivity i.e. producing more crop per drop. For conserving water, which is an expensive and scarce commodity, mechanized construction is generally adopted for unlined watercourses so that the banks get compacted, lining of leaky sections, installation of Pucca Nuccas, provision of sufficient culverts, buffalo wallows and drop structures for farm development, initial rough land-leveling and final precision land-leveling of the command areas.

NDC provides consultancy services for various aspects of Agriculture & On-Farm Water Management Projects:

  • Collection and collation of relevant data; conducting field investigations and surveys
  • Design of watercourses
  • Plans for precision land leveling
  • Design and installation of On-Farm Drainage
  • Planning, design and installation of High Efficiency Irrigation Systems
  • Feasibility and detailed design including Cropping calendar and planting distribution
  • Agro-climatic studies for crop water requirements and water budgets
  • Studies of non-water inputs for optimum development etc.
  • Preparation of cost estimates and PC-I Proformas
  • Supervision / Monitoring and Evaluation Studies
  • Formulation and Trainings of farmers water users associations
  • Planning institutional development
  • Month-wise farm operations schedules

Surveys & Investigations

NDC provide a complete range of services in engineering surveys and mapping. NDC (Pvt.) Ltd own modern survey equipment and vehicles with competent surveyors to conduct plane and geodetic survey, land boundary and cadastral survey, topographic survey, route survey for canals and highways, hydrographic surveys and pre/post construction surveys for all types of engineering works.

NDC use modern survey techniques including Total Station Survey Instruments, Global Positioning System (GPS) and Electronic Data Recording (EDR). For instance, NDC carried out Precision surveys of Pehur High Level Canal System using GPS techniques. NDC experts utilize computer based Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM) systems and are also experienced in the Auto CAD environment

NDC, generally engage its own survey team for execution of topographic and hydraulic surveys of irrigation and barrages, flood protection works, highways, water supply lines. However, NDC also has expert survey engineers for planning, monitoring and supervision when survey works are executed by sub-consultants.

In Geo-technical Sector NDC offer Geo-technical Investigation Services by using core drilling method. The services are supervised by highly qualified & experienced geotechnical engineers and geologists, which allow us to successfully undertake ground investigations for a wide variety of:

  • Foundation Engineering
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Seepage Analysis
  • Groundwater Modelling
  • Geological Mapping
  • Seismic Studies  
  • Rock Support Analysis
  • Laboratory and Field Studies

Physical & Computer Modelling

NDC has specialized expertise in field of computer (Numerical) and Physical Hydraulic Modeling. The hydraulic modeling experts of NDC have carried out 1D/2D/3D Computer/ Numerical and Physical Hydraulic model studies of various hydraulic structures such as spillways, diversion tunnels, flushing tunnels, surge tanks, stilling Basins, Flip/ Roller Bucket of Diamer Basha Dam, Neelum Jhelum Dam, Dasu Hydropower Dam and Keyal Hydropower Dam etc.

NDC is one of the leading firm which has excellence in design of hydraulic structures particularly spillways, stilling basins, diversion tunnels, headworks and barrages which involve extensive numerical and physical modelling for establishing safety against cavitations in spillways, scour downstream of dam barrages, uplift pressure and selection of appropriate locations for river training and flood protection works.

Besides hydraulic modeling, NDC experts are well versed in generating various other types of computer / numerical models. For this purpose, NDC design teams include experts who are well conversant with respective computer applications including but not limited to SAP 2000, ETABS, STAAD.Pro, SewerGEM, Water GEM, CADAM, SLIDE, SWEDGE, ROCLAB, HECRAS. MODFLOW etc.

NDC services in regards to physical and computer modeling includes:

  • Physical Model of Hydraulic Structures
  • Computer Modeling for Hydraulic Design
  • Computer Modeling for Structural Design and Stability Analysis
  • Groundwater Computer Modelling
  • Computer Modeling for Analysis of Water Supply/Distribution System Design
  • Computer Modeling for Design of Sewerage & Drainage Systems
  • Computer Modeling for Land Slide and Slope Stability
  • Computer Modeling for Rockmass Slope Stability
  • Computer Modeling for Hydrological and Sedimentation Studies

We’ve succeeded throughout our history by maintaining focus on the needs and interests of our clients. By strengthening our regional management teams and coaxing them to lead strategic and day-to-day operations in their areas, we continue to grow and are profitable firms simultaneously helping our Client to grow too.

Engr. Ch. Ghulam Hussain Cheif Executive NDC

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