NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. provide a complete range of services in engineering surveys and mapping. NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. own modern survey equipment and vehicles with competent surveyors to conduct plane and geodetic survey, land boundary and cadastral survey, topographic survey, route survey for canals and highways, hydrographic surveys and pre/post construction surveys for all types of engineering works.

A good deal of contour surveys in hilly areas was conducted by NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. for preparing feasibility report on Naltar Hydropower Project in the Northern areas of Pakistan and for the feasibility study of Recharge to Groundwater in Quetta Valley of Balochistan Province.

Topo-survey extended over an area of one hundred thousand acres was done for Thal Reservoir (Punjab) by one of the Partners of NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. as head of the survey team.

NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. has established topographic network of the complete project area of Indus Tributaries High-Head Hydropower Complex Project of Khan Khwar and Alai Khwar in the Northern Hilly terrain for verification of the horizontal net so as to establish benchmarks, observe directions determine distances, complete data and complete the net as a whole.

NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. use modern survey techniques including Total Station Survey Instruments, Global Positioning System (GPS) and Electronic Data Recording. NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. experts utilize computer based Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM) systems and are also experienced in the Auto CAD environment.

Topographic and hydraulic surveys of the irrigation barrages, flood protection works, highways, water supply lines executed by NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. were carried out by NDC (Pvt.) Ltd.'s own survey teams.

Precision surveys of Pehur High Level Canal System have been done by GPS techniques.