Management and Supervision

In order to carry the projects to their successful completion, the Project Managers and Resident Engineers of NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. start their activities with request for pre-qualification of firms and joint ventures and interested in bidding. Only those bidders are selected by the Client for pre-qualification who have competent manpower, adequate required machinery, sound financial position and have executed works of similar nature and magnitude in the past.

NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. carefully prepares the tender drawings and contract documents and reviews these to minimize variations during construction. The "Engineer's Estimate" is prepared keeping in view the prevailing market rates for labour, material and machinery and unit rates of similar items at which contractors are working on other projects in the country. The bids submitted are scrutinized not only for arithmetical check but also for their workability. The bidders procedures, work plans and methodology for construction and proposals for quality assurance are critically examined and a candid recommendations made to the client for award of contract to the best evaluated bidder.

After the project is awarded a team of surveyors representing Client, NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. and the Contractor jointly observes the levels and other topographic features before the start of construction which forms the bench-mark data for certification of interim and final payments.
During the execution of the project, round the clock construction supervision is provided and quality control is ensured by NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. The materials to be used during construction are properly tested according to international standards and the Electrical & Mechanical plants to be installed at works are carefully inspected.
To keep the Client informed of activities on the project, Contractor's progress is monitored and weekly progress reports submitted. Progress review meetings are 
arranged every month with Client and Contractor.
NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. sends the cash-flow forecasts in advance for benefit of the Client and the cost estimates are updated as the work advances on a project. The "As Built" drawings are prepared and handed over to the Client as soon as he takes over the completed project or a component of it. NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. fulfill their responsibility during the operation and maintenance period, which, as prescribed in the contract documents is generally one year after completion.
Assistance is rendered to the Client in settling the claims of the Contractor, if any, through negotiation and arbitration. NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. finalize all accounts for construction and issues completion certificates.
Finally the Completion report of the Project is drafted on the format prescribed by the Client or the financing agencies like IBRD, ADB etc. and handed over to the Client.
NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. stands with their clients, from the beginning to the end.