Forestry and Rural

NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. provide services in consultancy sector from conception to completion of projects including feasibility studies, planning, designing, tender documentation, valuation, construction supervision and project management.

NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. offer the following services in the field of forestry:

  • Inventory through physical as well as GIS surveys.
  • Nursery practices in the farm, scrub and range lands.
  • Improved practices for all types of nurseries.
  • Management and formulation of plan for improvement of nurseries.
  • Organization workshops for extension training to foresters, trainers and farmers.
  • Development programme of adaptive nursery research priorities.
  • Assembling available information on the soils, ecology, use and biodiversity pattern.
  • Making proposals for project cost recovery scheme.
  • Designing and improving a comprehensive monitoring system.
  • Evolving an efficient Management Information System (MIS) to assist in implementation of the project.
  • Helping monitoring of project progress, impact and financial situation on a periodical basis.
  • Evaluating impact of the project on employment effects, income generation and social acceptability.
  • Development of social and institutional indication.
  • Carrying out an inventory of biodiversity in public sector plantation.
  • Conducting base line studies on physical and socio-economic conditions of the plantation.
  • Formulation of management plans for priority areas.
  • Study of management and organizational systems based on the environmentally and financially sustainable involvement of other sectors.
  • Implementation of a management and rehabilitation plan according to different agro-ecological zones.
 Plant Water Requirements:

  • Computation of Evapo-transpiration (ETo) values on the basis of available climatic data for various locations through the Modified Penman's Method.
  • Establishment of plant coefficient (ke) values according to the age and plant canopy.
  • Estimation of effective precipitation.
  • Computation of consumptive use (cu) values for individual and block plant basis.
  • Estimation of net and gross irrigation requirement and determination of field and conveyance efficiency.