Environmental Engineering

NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. have been rendering services to its Clients in all aspects of Water Engineering ranging from identification of sources of water supply, planning, design and construction supervision management and mitigation of various environmental concerns. These include transmission, storage, pumping, treatment, distribution of fresh water, sewerage and sewage treatment including pollution control measures. These may include:

  • Site Characterization/Baseline Data of Environmental Pollution
  • Ecological Investigations
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Initial Environmental Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Planning, Management
  • Resettlement Action Plan
  • Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring
  • Environmental  Compliance
  • Gender Considerations
  • Public Awareness Program
  • Health and Safety
  • Air and Noise Pollution Control

 The water supply schemes in residential colonies and industrial units engineered by NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. involved abstraction of water from aquifers, water purification and treatment works, pumping stations, water carrying pipelines, surge analysis, pipe network analysis, leak detection, gamma-ray inspection, automatic control system till the commissioning of works.

The sewage treatment units in the housing schemes and industries planned and designed by NDC (Pvt.) Ltd.  included sewer  networks, trunk and interceptor sewers, sewage and industrial waste treatment, pumping station, screening, sedimentation, filtration and aeration etc.